The Cover Photo

My mom and her newly-learned fist bump. Because, as she learned from the technician at the hospital,

Before she died, my mom learned “fist bumping” from an aide in the hospital. He told her, “Around here, we don’t say goodbye, we say, ‘see ya later!'” From that point forward, she fist-bumped everyone who came through our house for the last two weeks of her life. I fist-bumped her casket when I passed it for the final time and said, “See ya later, Millie Goich”. I took a photo of this moment, which became the cover photo for this memoir. I also have a large canvas of the photo hanging above my bed. I encourage everyone to do the same with their loved ones. Our hands say so much about us, and our lives. They touch. They love. It’s a keepsake you’ll have forever. 


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