About The Book


Lisa Goich-Andreadis

When Lisa traveled home to visit her parents in December 2011, she never expected an ordinary three-day weekend to turn into an extraordinary 14-day observance of her mother’s life – and ultimately – death.

14 DAYS – A MEMOIR, is a story of parental loss, and how to lovingly, bravely and gracefully let go of a hand you’ve been holding your entire life.  From a child’s first breath, to a mother’s last, this memoir shows how closing that circle can be a celebration of this unbreakable bond.




“Holy cow!”

“Truly beautiful. Wow.”

“Touching hands, touching hearts.  Your writing is exceptionally motivating.”

“I look forward to reading the entire book. Love and writing conquers all. Thx for sharing.”

“Thank you for writing these words. I wish your book would become required reading for high school students. You were actually given a gift of 14 days, although I’m sure it didn’t seem like it at the time. Think of the conversations we could have with our parents or loved ones if we weren’t focused on death during those final times. The stories they could share with us. The comfort we could give them by listening and talking. I look forward to reading your future words. I wanted to document the journey that my Mom and I took with words and pictures. When she first left, I was too depressed, even though I knew it was coming, it still knocked my socks off. It’s been over 2 years now. I guess I’ll start now. It will be a private book with my family. Thanks for the push. I look forward to following your memories.”

“Wow. So well written. Want more… Now.”

“Very touching story Lisa, thanks for your share. I will go home appreciating my Mom and family that much more.”

“I am sitting here crying. Your writing is amazing. After everything this year, this has hit me hard.”

“Love it! You have me in tears and laughing at the same time.”

“So beautifully written.”

“Awesome! Please keep writing.”

“So touching! The expression and feeling in your writing makes for a captivating read!”

“Beautiful, beautiful evocative writing. I stand in awe of both your love for your mom and your bravery to relive this experience to help benefit others. It’s wonderful.”

“Lisa, this is beautiful. What a great tribute to your mother.”

“Wow! So heartwrenching!”



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